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Financial Diagnosis to asses your needs

  • Diagnosis in order to
    • Analyze current real financing structure
    • Identify the cost and the needs
  • Deliver a basis for further steps and decisions
    • Areas of improvement
    • Basis for debt restructuring or M&A operations

Financing to find the right solution

  • Identify adequate financial products
    • Long term
    • Adequate short term financing
    • Assess financial cost structure
  • Lead to improved financing structure
    • Reduce financing cost
    • Sustainable solutions
    • Flexible solutions
    • Reduce complexity

Banks' Relationship to smooth the financing process

  • Providing support to
    • Find reliable financing partner
    • Prepare the file
    • Support meeting and contacts with banks
    • Put in place the monitoring of banks relations
  • Strengthen the relationship with banks against attractive conditions
    • Build understanding and trust
    • Set up operations going forward
    • Sustainable financial solutions

Accounts Receivable Management optimisation

  • Receivable management analysis
    • Standard and specific processes review
    • Internal organisation
    • Control and monitoring
  • Increases quality of financing and treasury management
    • Improve receivables management and treasury
    • Manage internal and clients impacts

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